Discovery Put Demands On Strange New Worlds' Costume 


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With regards to "Star Trek," barely any things are a higher priority than coherence

"Star Trek: Discovery," one of the later "Trek" shows, happens sooner than other series.

These actresses are always needlessly hyper-sexualized in Movies

 Preventing them from showcasing how talented they actually are.


Is it necessary that oversexualizing a character always prevents an actress from being considered a 'legitimate' ?

This gave costume designer Gersha Phillips a bit of freedom to establish a distinct style for the show

but she still had to bridge the gap between the functional flight suits of "Star Trek: Enterprise

"Discovery" solved this by introducing flair and color to the Starfleet uniform as seasons passed

One important element lifted from "Discovery" was the strong-shouldered silhouette on every uniform.

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When designing for "Strange New Worlds" first began, Croft was adamant about "unisex" uniforms only.

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